Sep 5, 2014

Let me show you newer beadwork

I really want to write more in my blog, but I am out of habit of doing it!! I miss the times when first thing in the morning I was thinking what I am going to write in the blog today :))) 
Today, I want to show you the necklace I made :) I am very happy with it, it came out just a I wanted!  The stone is jasper in beautiful beige and nude pink tones, incased in beadwork using glass seed beads. I also thought the base for the pendant should be also beaded, although, it could be a cord, a braided yarn rope, a chain, or a thread of beads and gemstones. I decided to use the beige colored seed beads and genuine pearls to bead a special chain! So, here is the result! 
You can buy jewelry I make in my shop Moon Sister Beads on Etsy:
Have a lovely day! 

Jul 15, 2014

Crochet for Vanya Earthia

Hello ;)
Summer is in full power, yet we can't help but have glimpses of thoughts about winter. 
Perhaps, some have traveling plans for the upcoming cold season, or moving plans, or creativity, entertainment or other plans.. 
And I have been thinking of fall and winter accessories, among others ;))
I really love roses, and think they look good in any form - so, I make crochet versions of this glorious flower. I played a lot with its shape and size.. and, leaving my perfectionism aside, I can say that I am rather happy with what has come out. Many crochet roses behind, I now have a wonderful pattern that I use for my flowers. 
The flowery style of knitwear has started to appear in my shop - please, check it out - link is below and on the top right of this page..
I especially love light colors, light, cream and ivory - all are my beloved shades...
New additions to the shop - knit and crochet hats

on fedoras and Boots

Since I have been traveling, i haven' posted much, and let my first style post be about fedoras and boots ;) I want to share a few favorites from Some time ago I posted about fedoras here. I had a couple of the hats, but gave them away, and now I need one again ;) As for the boots, I am loving 60's platform and thick stacked heel!

Apr 8, 2014

Spring Interpretation

I am tuned to both, my mind and my heart. What a beauty of life and creation is the never ending dialog between the two! Spring is blossoming here on the East coast, and as I admire and appreciate every second of the change.. I feel, that my heart is forever, ever since I stepped my foot on the different land faraway, so close, but so far for now..  There are no words to describe how I miss... West coast, California, Oregon... I dream about that side of the country every day. Many times a day. The bhakti community, the music, the culture, the nature, the spirit. How can I ever forget that place and settle elsewhere... I will live on the West coast, I know I will. I belong there ;) My heart is there. 
"Those who know how to dance will join half-way."  (c)
I will just do my dance. 
May all hearts always be filled with happiness and love. May all hearts be always filled with gratitude. 
I wish all beings happiness!

Mar 30, 2014

First Day of Navratri and New Moon Celebration ;)

I am filling myself with forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, acceptance, cultivating serving, and devotion. 
I am emptying myself of the feeling of guilt.
I am letting myself being receptive of new connections and inspiration. 
I am moving away from tamas and rajas, in any manifestation, inside and outside of me.
The space I am creating for Spring is for rebirth.
In my life there is no longer space for ignorance.
I am manifesting creativity and ways and environments and people with whom to SING!